Our Technology

OPTOS - We take a wide-angle picture of your retina (the inside of your eye). This shows us the health of your eyes and allows us to directly compare images from year to year.

OCT - We can measure each cellular layer in the major structures inside your eye. These cross-section scans help us detect and monitor disease in ways not possible with traditional eye exams.

Diopsys VEP/ERG - We can measure electrical activity in your visual pathway to the brain. This shows us how the eyes communicate with the brain and if the signal is smaller or slower.

iCARE - We can check the pressure in your eye without drops or the puff of air. That’s right, NO PUFF!

Corneal Topographer - We can scan your cornea and make a map of its curvature. This helps us fit contacts more accurately than traditional exams.

Spectangle Pro - We can measure the lens fit in your glasses with extra precision in our electronic measuring device and iPad. This allows our patients the best in customized digital eyeglass lenses.

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