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Dr. Busseys family

A story from Dr. Bussey about why she chose to be an eye doctor:

I was a nanny for two little girls, ages five and three, in Switzerland. The youngest wasn’t developing as expected. She wasn’t making eye contact, wasn’t listening well, and behind in speech.

After seeing a long list of specialists, all of whom reported everything was fine, our last stop was an optometrist. She was a warm and friendly doctor, making the kiddo feel comfortable and at ease. We learned that she needed glasses for being extremely nearsighted. The moment she put her glasses on, her world changed. Her posture immediately straightened, she looked us in the eyes and began interacting with her world. It was beautiful.

Everything we had been worried about fell into place. Right then and there, I knew I had found my passion, my career, and the way I could directly impact peoples’ lives every day.

​​​​​​​This is the “why” of our practice. We are here for the sole purpose of changing people’s lives through better vision.

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