As we know, technology has revolutionized several industries worldwide over the last two decades and is an important part of our lives every single day. In light of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, telehealth is becoming appropriately utilized by more providers to increase access to patient care. By mitigating the need for clinicians to be in the same place as patients, telemedicine protects patients by keeping them out of the crowded clinical environments, and it protects clinicians by reducing the time they spend in close physical proximity with patients. Telemedicine's reliability and precision are saving both clinicians and patients time while reducing costs and assisting in merging the gap of communication between patients and their health care providers.

Telehealth is becoming an essential component in the health care industry and as the adoption of telemedicine is on the rise amongst the pandemic, telemedicine technology is and will continue to expand rapidly, eliminating some limitations of the technology.  There are some conditions of the eye that are easily examined via telehealth, while others require a prompt visit in the office with the full array of technology only accessible in Bussey Eyecare Center.  For those conditions, Dr. Mefford is examining and treating in office.  

Dr. Bussey is currently working to utilize telemedicine and the many benefits it provides. During this time, the office is open from 9 AM to 1 PM for patients to call and request a virtual appointment. Setting up a telehealth call is quite easy.  Dr. Bussey simply sends a link to a HIPAA secure service called  Patients will click the link on their phone or computer, and it will take them to Dr. Bussey’s virtual waiting room.  Once Dr. Bussey joins, the virtual visit will begin. If after the call it is decided an in-office visit is needed that will be set up.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

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