Yes! It can be safe to wear your contact lenses amidst the COVID-10 outbreak . We just have to be even more conscious of sanitary practices than ever before.

First, always wash your hands before you put your contact lenses into your eyes. What has changed is how important it is to do it the right way, like a surgeon, for at least twenty seconds.  THEN, after inserting the contact lens, wash your hands the same way, again.  Remember, your eyes carry bacteria and viruses.  You don’t want to pass that on to your family.  

Caring for your lenses the proper way is very important. If you have a daily disposable lens, skip this section, you win when it comes to the cleanest and safest way to wear contact lenses! If you have a two week or monthly contact lens, read on.  You must follow the instructions on the package for disinfecting the lenses. Some say to rub the lenses, others say to spray solution on the lenses for 5 seconds or more on each side. Whatever the recommendations are, follow them precisely.   Pay particular attention to letting the case air dry during the day and keeping the inside wells of your case clean.  The best solution for disinfection in our experience is Clear Care.  It is a hydrogen peroxide-based solution that you soak the lenses in overnight.   

Follow the exact prescribed wearing schedule for your contact lenses. The more you over wear them, the more likely you are to get a sight-threatening infection. Do not sleep in your contact lenses.   If you are out of contact lenses, don’t worry! We will ship more lenses directly to your house to get you through this pandemic. If your prescription is expired because you weren’t able to get in to see us, it’s ok,  we are extending prescriptions right now.  Just call our office. We want to help you get through this time, wearing your contact lenses, safely. 

For more information please review the CDC website:

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